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In the Back of My Mind

a Diary

19 April 1989
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About Me
I prefer to kick back and take it easy but I work hard if I have to. I like confrontation but you wouldn't be able to tell that by my appearance; I'm very mellow-looking on the outside. I'm very forward and seldom censor what I say.

I write mainly yaoi stories but have tried my hand at a few hetero stories at some point in my life. The more original the pairing, the more I lust after them and will probably write them.

Let's see... I'm most definitely a people-person. I can get along with virtually anybody so long as they can be remotely concerned about other's feelings. Though, I've gotta confess that I'm not such a big fan of arrogant people; the more you think your important and try to stomp on the little people, the more I'll want to stomp on you. So, let's all try to get a long, ne? XD

Section 2 Title
I like Final Fantasy VII, live-action movies, yaoi,decent fan fiction, slash fiction, Zack Fair, Rude/Reno, the color red, wolves, baseball, and free love. My dream is to run my own wolf conservation. A quote I put a lot of stock in is, "Que Sera Sera".

Section 3 Title
"Wings symbolize freedom for those who have none." (Cissnei, "Crisis Core")


"No Story Is Not Worth Hearing."
Final Fantasy VII:Crisis Core Is Love

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I'm not too cool. *shrugs* I think that's pretty realistic. In fact, as far as "cool" goes, I'm the farthest from it. Oh well. My major goal in life right now is to search for an answer to "how". "How" what? Who knows. Maybe I should search for the question first. Heh.